Product Review: Leatherman Raptor Trauma Shears

[Video review at the bottom of the post] This Father’s day, I was surprised to open a really neat pair of trauma shears. Given that I’m a really big fan of multi-tools and other gadgets, this gift was right up … Continue reading

Turn Your Android Phone Into an EMS Tool – Part 2

…..and I’m not talking about the kind of tools you see on Jersey Shore. [youtube][/youtube] Welcome to Part 2 of my “Android EMS” series. I have some exciting stuff to demonstrate and some really cool applications to recommend. In this … Continue reading

Turn your Android phone into an EMS tool – Part 1

[youtube][/youtube] Welcome to part 1 of my new series on “turning your Android phone into an EMS tool”. The goal of these tutorials are to help place the power of technology in the hands of EMS professionals. I have always … Continue reading

Epocrates for Android phones reviewed

[youtube][/youtube] If you work in EMS and own an Android phone, then you have probably searched for EMS-related applications with little success. I wrote a blog post a little while back on the subject. Like most people, I have had … Continue reading