If LeBron James was a paramedic

This week’s “Celebrity Medic” features a man that has made a good living in the game of basketball. While some would argue that he would never have to work a regular job again, unexpected injuries and the rise of athletes going … Continue reading

If Motorcop Was A Paramedic

Most of the readers of this blog are probably familiar with this weeks “Celebrity Medic”. If you’re not, go check him out of Facebook and read his blog. When he isn’t busy crushing the souls of the sinners of the … Continue reading

If Napoleon Dynamite Was A Paramedic

After his success on the big screen and short-lived time on cable television, this week’s “Celebrity Medic” has been rather silent. Perhaps he’s sitting back relaxing with a tube of chap stick and pocket full of tater tots, or maybe he’s looking … Continue reading

If Mitt Romney Was A Paramedic

With election season around the corner, 2 people are going to be faced with some major career changes. One of them is going to lead this country, and the other is going to become unemployed. With Mitt Romney’s poll numbers … Continue reading

If Beavis and Butthead Were Paramedics

The recent return of – in my opinion – the greatest TV show MTV ever produced definitely calls for some celebration. And what better way to do it than to feature the dynamic duo as the latest “celebrity medic”? They … Continue reading

If Tim Tebow Was a Paramedic

This week’s “Celebrity Medic” features an NFL star that has captured headlines, stirred up political controversy and helped send the Squealers Steelers back home to Pittsburgh last Sunday. So with all his talent, money and fame, one would imagine that he … Continue reading