Medic Madness is a blog geared towards all members of public safety with a primary focus on EMS. You find writings in all areas ranging from medical humor to education material and even heated political topics. We always welcome feedback, debate and even hate mail. All of our posts are designed to engage our readers and create discussion. You can always feel free to e-mail the authors with any questions, concerns or ideas.


Medic Madness was originally created as a social network for EMS professionals. At the time, Facebook was in it’s infancy and MySpace left a lot to be desired. The site featured forums, user blogs, friends lists and even a live chat room. The platform never really took off as several other big players in the game created much larger social networks that offered the same services.

The site sat stagnant for a while before being torn down and re-built as a blog. It was then discovered that writing quality articles and engaging fellow EMS professionals in discussion was a much better way to bring people together. The site was eventually moved to the EMS Blogs network and is accompanied by several other quality EMS blogs.


One of the goals for Medic Madness is to bring on multiple authors from different backgrounds. This will bring a whole new dynamic to the blog as different authors can offer different insight, experience and opinions. With the recent addition of Alex, we are headed in that direction.

Some other ideas in the works are weekly G+ hangouts, podcasts, newsletters and the possibility of a monthly print.

The Authors

You can learn more about the authors by checking out their pages:

Sean Eddy
Alex Farrington