How Writing May Have Saved My Career

There’s a new post up at Uniform Stories featuring yours truly. I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be writing for them on a bi-weekly basis. This is really a huge blessing for me as I try to take my writing to the next level. None of this would even be remotely possible if it wasn’t for everyone that continues to come back and support this blog every day. Ya’ll (I can say that now that I’m in Texas) are freaking awesome!

In this article I talk about an incident I had a number of years back when I tried to pronounce a patient dead on scene after failed resucitation attempts and was overruled by the ER physician. The ER doc’s decision saved the patient’s life. Go check out the article to see what kind of emotional toll that had on me and how blogging may have been the one thing that kept me in EMS.

Check it out: How Writing May Have Saved My Career

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