Using Google Calendars to Create a Shift Calendar

I have said many times before that Google pretty much controls my life. Between search features, Google Voice, Gmail, Android, Google Reader, and Google Calendar, it’s pretty much safe to say that they are quite an asset in my life. Forget Skynet, if any form of software is going to take over the world, it will be Google.

Well, world domination may be a project for the distant future, but Google recently did take over one more task in my work life: The shift calendar.

Anyone working long-hour shifts can understand how difficult planning future events can be. Up until recently, if you were to ask me if I wanted to pick up a shift, go on trip, play a gig, etc, I wouldn’t be able to give a definite answer without digging out the almighty shift calendar. Sure, I COULD carry it everywhere with me, but I prefer to only deal with one schedule for all of my needs (i.e. Google Calendars). Plus, I’m just a technology-loving, geeky kinda guy.

I was recently asked if it was possible to create a “never-ending” shift calendar on-line. Without even firing up my computer, I already knew that this would be possible using Google Calendars. I just couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t thought of this before. Using this method literally only takes a couple minutes and you will have yourself a shift calendar that continues for as long as you want. As long as your shift schedule is some sort of repeating rotation (Kelly schedule, 24on / 48 off, etc) then this method will work for you.

The video below takes you through all the steps on creating your “never ending” shift calendar and saying goodbye to paper schedules once and for all!


Using Google Calendars to Create a Shift Calendar — 10 Comments

  1. Sean if haven’t already looked at it you should take a look at the Firehouse Scheduler App by Leaky Nozzle. It has a bunch of shift formats already input in it and you can create a custom. You can also input your overtime, vacation, kelly days, trades, and even more. Its great because I have my full time schedule input which I can plan months ahead of time and I put my part time hours in as extra events which allows me to only have to look in one place. Also you can integrate your google calendar. It has a couple widgets as well. The onlly downside is that you do have to pay for it, but personally is has definitely paid off.

  2. I use it for my schedule but had to have a friend at Gasda Software, who make the BlackBerry Shift Calendar, to edit the code for my odd 31 day rotating schedule.  Great post!  Great calendar program too!  Synching multiple calendars lets my mother in law see my trades so I don’t have to explain what days I work anymore!

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  4. Sean, thank you for taking time to show how to schedule 12 hour shift rotation on google calendar. I could not figure out how to do it until i saw stumbled upon your video.  This is a big help.

  5. Thanks a ton…all my computer expertise and for some reason I never thought to leverage my Google calendar for my child care schedule. Great tutorial!! Thanks again

  6. I am fairly certain you just saved my sanity! I had no clue it was this easy! I have spent the last year with my silly paper, color coordinated calendar. Leave it to Google… Thanks again!

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