It’s Obama-care in action!


Well, not really. It may be hard to tell by this video, but it’s an ambulance that exploded into flames after an electrical problem caused a fire near the main oxygen tank. Thankfully, there was nobody inside or around it. I have always worried about something like this happening with all the electronics and large amounts of oxygen that we carry.

I would really like to know who manufactured that ambulance…..


It’s Obama-care in action! — 2 Comments

  1. I missed the explosion part, but that doesn’t really matter. What usually seems to happen in an oxygen tank “explosion” is that the tank heats up, the oxygen expands (as any gas will) and then the tank ruptures. It’s not really an explosion in the technical sense.

    Electrical fires are a hazard to some extent in any automotive application. With ambulances it always seems worse for some reason.

    I wouldn’t be in a rush to blame the manufacturer as I’ve seen some pretty lousy maintenance practices in the industry.

  2. Wait a few days, the far-right will be citing your blog as proof that O-care will lead to shoddy ambulance construction….

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