Detroit EMS – Government Healthcare at It’s Best

After reading about the budget shortfalls and response time issues with Detroit EMS, I am left to wonder why they haven’t considered contracting the service to a private ambulance provider? This is just another example of what happens when government is in charge of providing healthcare. Obviously Detroit’s issues go much deeper than EMS. As a matter of fact, their EMS service probably isn’t the problem at all. It’s the lack of funding and support that has put them and their citizens in this unfortunate position. Keep in mind, this is a service that not only bills the patients but receives tax dollars as well.

Had this problem come up with a private provider, they could put the contract up for bid and get someone else in who is capable of fulfilling the needs of the community. For those of you that argue that private EMS is bad because they can go out of business, then just read these articles. This sounds like a service that NEEDS to go out of service so someone can come in who isn’t subjected to cuts and do the job.

Our response time is atrocious. At any given point, day or night, consecutively for the last few months, there were no units available. That means if you call 911, it may be an hour, it may be two.

Emergency workers told Local 4 that they’re already understaffed, but come July 1, 33 more EMS positions will be eliminated.
The cause of the layoffs comes from a planned $1.8 million cut to the city budget.

Rationing care? That nonsense could never happen here!

I feel for the EMT’s, Paramedics and patients that have unfortunately been subjected to this. I really hope this gets better for them.

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