Marriages and Heart Blocks

The title will make sense soon……I promise.

I figured I would share with you all something I made up while I was in paramedic school learning ECGs. It’s an easy way to memorize the different heart blocks and how to recognize them. It all revolves around a story about a couple named “P” and “QRS” (clever huh?). Different stages of their relationship will represent the blocks.

Normal Sinus

P and QRS are in the honeymoon phase of their marriage. They are always together and never leave each others sight. Life is good for P and QRS!


First Degree AV Block

P and QRS are getting irritated with each other. While they still remain true to the relationship, they are keeping their distance for now.


Second Degree AV Block (Type I)

P and QRS have entered theĀ viscous cycle of breaking up and getting back together. They get together, they start fighting and keeping their distance, and they break up again.


Second Degree AV Block (Type II)

P and QRS have decided to get back together again. However, P is still quite disgruntled and has decided to go out every night or two and fool around on QRS. You can probably imagine what comes next!


Third Degree AV Block

As you probably saw coming, QRS caught P cheating and moved out. They have filed for divorce and are completely separated. There is absolutely no relationship between P and QRS now.


The End


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